Bovine Ovary Pills (Glandular Therapy) for Breast Enlargement

Glandular therapy is the use of animal tissues to help boost the human equivalent of tissues. The theory is this: animal tissues mimic human tissue and can help rejuvenate weakened human tissues or increase the production or growth. So, in theory, glandular therapy will increase the performance of its own production of estrogen and can promote the exact effects as a regular estrogen will do; for instance, things like breast development.

Bovine Ovary for Male Breast Enhancement

The products of glandular therapy for breast enlargement are made of the ovaries of cattle. Some say that these are a great substitute herbal breast enlargement product/supplement and have more permanent results. It is believed to be very effective because while containing estrogen, it also stimulates the body’s natural production of the hormone at the pituitary glands. This gland is the agent responsible growth mechanism involved with breast growth.

The results will not be immediate and may take up to six months. However, we have seen some glandular supplements therapy which work wonderfully with biological male and have also allowed men to develop even bigger breasts than many busty women.

male breast enhancement success from Bovine Ovary

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The final results from using the bovine ovary supplement are different from case to case depending on different factors such as hormone levels and percentage of body fat. You also need to make sure to consume the suggested amounts of protein while maintaining an overall healthy diet and exercise regime for best results.

Also make sure you do substantial research about the products to ensure that it really works and be sure to take some of other essential nutritional supplements such as Fish Oil (Omega 3), Collagen Peptide Powder, MSM in combination with the herbs we recommend above. Don’t worry we note down the exact recipe on the last page.

A little something extra

It is recommended to add the following supplements for the purpose of maximizing growth hormones. These supplements can be taken throughout the month in combination with the phytoestrgens. There is no need to take all of them, especially

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  • Sheep Placenta – The placenta is known in many parts of the world, as a medicinal supplement. There are many benefits to placenta. On the one hand, the placenta contains vitamins and minerals that can help fight the symptoms of depression, such as vitamin B6. On the other hand, the placenta is rich in iron and protein, useful for women who recover from child birth and of particular benefit for vegetarian women. It is also rich in CRH (corticotropin releasing hormone), which is a stress reducer, produced by the hypothalamus. Generally, people who have taken the supplement have seen improvements in their skin, hair, and energy levels in weeks.

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