How to Make Your Breasts Bigger Naturally with Homemade Oitment

Hello! Today I want to talk about a very important method to increase your bust naturally. There are many things you can do to increase your breasts naturally, like exercise, food and massages. Below you will see some tips on natural products you can take to learn how to naturally increase bust.

Woman who learns how to get bigger boobs naturally

Like you, many women have felt bad about her breasts. We have looked in the mirror, wanting to see our reflection as someone with fuller breasts but we know that is not possible the overnight. But I can guarantee you that you can do it painlessly without surgery: just following a natural method from our home in this FREE downloadable report, which I applied and I got incredible results!

Increase Breast Size Naturally with 5 Effective Oils

Next I want you to meet these oils and mixtures that will help with your breast massage. Although our concern is to know how to naturally increase bust, today I just let you know about these natural ointments in case you don’t want to spend money on breast enhancement creams. You can use to massage your breasts with to make it more comfortable. Plus the lubrication from using the oil will reduce the friction to your skin when you do the massage. Remember that the massage on your breasts should be smooth and should never feel uncomfortable in your skin.

  • Almond Oil: This oil is known to many utilities, depending on whether you take it or apply it. There are some that are only topical and the other ones that are both topical and consumables. It is lubricating, moisturizing and also has curative effects for the skin. Since it has a high moisturizing power, it is excellent when we want to treat dry skin. It also helps prevent stretch marks and wrinkles. There are oil of sweet and bitter almonds, but for your breasts is preferable to use sweet almond oil.
  • Sesame Oil: This oil is made from sesame seeds, which contain protein, phosphorous, iron, etc. This oil has many healing properties, such as improving circulation, which is very important when trying to increase our breasts with massage oil because this really enhances the goal of massage on the bust. It is also well known to be used by women in menopause as helps stimulate and regenerate the production of estrogens. It is an antioxidant in nature, which helps combat the sagging of breast cells and tissues.
  • Emu Oil: This oil is a byproduct of a bird called emu. It is used both in cosmetic and medicine for skin regeneration and as a humectant. It has been well-known and widely used in Australia since long ago. It has recently become more popular in other countries because of its properties: it stimulates the birth of new cells in our body, allows the regeneration and nutrition of the skin and other tissues. As it is composed of a variety of essential fatty acids similar to those of our natural ones, there is a greater ability to penetrate through the skin layers, hence delivering the nutrients into the skin cells.

How to Naturally Increase Breast Size with Homemade Oil Mixes

  • Ylang-Ylang Mix: This preparation will help you increase the bust naturally with a powerful oil you can prepare at home. The Ylang Ylang is usually known for being an aphrodisiac, but today we see that is much more than that. The essential oil of this plant contains all the properties of the plant from which it was extracted, so that only a few drops are needed to do the job. It has skin cell regenerative properties. That is why it can be used for preventing stretch marks as well.
    Preparations – Take 50 ml. of almond oil and add 16 drops of oil of Ylang Ylang and 9 drops of Geranium oil. This recipe you should be able to last around 15 days (take a few drops per massage session, twice a day preferably after a warm shower.)
  • Ron Mix: This is the formula that will not only serve to increase bust size, but also will help you to firm your breasts. White rum, as you know, is some strong liquor. The reason why we want to add some alcohol is because it is ideal to increase circulation. That is why a little bit of alcohol in drinks may also have aphrodisiac effects. It also has antibacterial properties. White rum is traditionally used in some countries to treat infected areas, such as gums for gingivitis.
    Preparations – On this occasion to help increase the size of your bust, take a tablespoon of white rum and lemon juice; mix the liqueur with vitamin c will cause the skin of your breasts revitalize and regenerate. Caution: Do not apply this mixture into the nipple.

I hope you take these tips on how to naturally increase breast size with these remedies and take your massage seriously. I know it will help a lot!

These oils and blends helped me a lot in my process to increase my bust, but the method that helped me was in this FREE e-book that you can download right now. You could see amazing results with only a few weeks of starting, and when I finished the whole method I could have my breasts two cup sizes larger in just 8 weeks … So be sure to download the free guide and take action!