Noogleberry Breast Enlargement Pump Experience from laquintak

If this is the first time you have heard of Noogleberry breast enlargement pump then definitely go check out this post for the full details.

This one is a shared experience from one of the users from the Noogleberry forum.

The user’s alias is laquintak and here are her progress pictures:

Screen Shot 2558-10-15 at 11.57.56 AM

It seems that laquintak’s problem with googling is the ring marks that didn’t seem to disappear. And that’s the reason why she decided to quit before she could see a substantial gain. Now she’s giving it another try.

“So after quite a while I am going to try noogling again and this time for a year. Uploaded pics to track my progress which i never did before just measured

I am 35 with 3 kids all breastfed.
-5’2, 135lbs
-Measure 33 upper,36 bust, 29 under. Waist 26 hips 39
-Started noogling again Sept 7th 2015
-I noogle with flaxseed oil twice a day using the pump and hold method. I tried the pump and release first but seem to get more swelling with the pump and hold although it gives me rings that don’t fade completely which is why i quit before but will just have to bear it until bikini season again :-\
-I take 2 fenugreek and 1 saw palmetto pill twice a day. Fenugreek tea in the morning and protein shake with 2 tbsp flaxseed at night
-Pumping with the large cups
-Currently wear a 34 b/c bra
-Ultimate goal is to measure 40 across nipple and be a 34d/dd(yeah I know a girl can dream right)”

The noogling combined with fenugreek tea, saw palmetto, protein shake, and flaxseed oil (I personally recommend coconut oil instead of flaxseed oil) allowed her to gain one cup size within 2 month time frame. I don’t know about you but I think this is just fantastic.

About the ring mark, it can be healed and eliminated complete by using cocoa butter or shea butter cream. Or use the Bio Oil which is available on the website when you purchase the Noogleberry Pump. Bio-oil is very effective for removing unwanted marks including stretch marks and wound scars. So definitely give it a go!


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