Anastasia’s Success with Noogleberry – Good Newbies’ Guide

Anastasia’s is an experienced NBE master who started the Noogleberry breast enlargement program when she has 32B of cup size. Over a couple of years she has managed to grow to 32D and a half (between cup sizes) using Noogleberry and some herbs. So I think her story is going to inspire so many of us.

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The topics covered in her forum post:

  • Over-pumping and indentations
  • Methods of pumping
  • Tips to improve results
  • Choosing padding options
  • Moving up in dome sizes

Over-pumping and indentations


Over-pumping is what most newbies or even experienced users often do in the hopes of seeing the results faster but it should definitely be avoided. What constitutes as over-pumping?

Well, if you end up with red dots or water blisters on your breasts there is a good chance that you might have over-pumped. This is not good because it ultimately means you’re damaging your breast tissues.

The motto of the story here is to go slow and steady to win the race.

Indentations can be thought of as an obvious evidence that you might have over-pumped. They are very rare and happen to maybe 10% of users.

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Anastasia’s Methods of Pumping

She says that everyone has their own technique and length. She uses the ‘pump and hold’ technique, while many other users that she knows use ‘pump and release’ technique (This is when you pump until it’s really tight, hold for a few seconds or minutes before releasing).

The key is to experiment different techniques to come up with the method that suit you the most. You’re going to be doing this for awhile it’s really worth giving it the time it needs for you to be fluent with the technique.

“I had used NB for about 8 months in a row (last Oct) then I took a break. Since then I only maintain my size by topping them up for like twice or three times a week , half an hour each time. I started with A size , now wearing 32C bra. Nice cleavage, full on top. After pumping with swelling I am like D cup but after 24 hours I come back at about C. However, I am happy with my result so far. And I know that if I keep pumping everyday I could be able to reach D cup after swelling.”

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Her Tips to Improve Results

  • Do massage and exercise together with Noogling
  • Use padding to prevent indentations
  • Drinking plenty of water will help with swelling
  • Take other natural breast enhancement supplements will help speed up the results
  • Use foam rings (Noogleberry’s Lucy does have them for sale) to prevent the pain on the rims of the domes

Choosing Various Padding Options

There are various options to choose. The padding is basically used to prevent your breasts from getting bruises or indentations, provided that you use them correctly.

You can use the foam rings that Noogleberry has for sale, or poster tack, cut up yoga mats, or even camper tape.

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Moving up Dome Sizes

It doesn’t matter where you start. You can begin with the smallest domes but if you do the work, moving up dome sizes means you’re doing it right. But you will NOT need the bigger domes unless you can fill in the domes when you fully pump.

You need to be able to fill them in completely before you can move on to the next ones. Once you fill the domes and you don’t feel the pull anymore, that is a clear sign that it’s time to get bigger domes.

This can take up to months as it is a slow but permanent and safe process. It is like doing assignments and moving up grades, isn’t it?

 In Conclusion

Everyone’s growth and progress is different with Noogleberry. This post is simply for those of you who just got started and want to get serious with Noogling and to see some serious results. I hope you find this post useful!


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