Total Curve – Enhance Your Body with Beautiful Breasts

So you know about natural breast enhancement pills and cream. And you know about the product called Total Curve…

When it comes to enhancing your breasts there are many techniques that can give you the results you want.

As opposed to the natural means, you can certainly opt for the breast implant surgery which requires cutting you open and literally stuffing foreign objects into your body.

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Or you can use the padded bra that can enhance your appearance almost instantly, though temporarily.

If you want more permanent and natural results, TotalCurve system, in particular, could be an option for you.

Total Curve 3-Step Breast Enhancement Therapy

Because the female hormone called estrogen plays such an important role in determining your breast size and shape, the process of Total Curve therapy is built around the principle of balancing the hormone.

The supplement pills consist of high-quality plant-based estrogen-like compounds that will help increase the volume of your breasts.

The process involves its mimicking the estrogen role when it comes to breast growing process.

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While the daily supplement helps with the breast growth, thanks to its phytoestrogen properties, the nutrients and the antioxidants from the herbs also help reduce PMS symptoms, improve overall health, and boost your sex drive.

The capsules should be taken twice a day, one capsule each time for the maximum results.

We wrote in details of how the system works in our Total Curve review, you should definitely check that out as it’s got some testimonials and before and after photos that are not present on this page.

The Formulation of the Total Curve Supplement Pills

Buckwheat Leaves/Flowers – During the 10th Century, this herb was first cultivated in China. This ancient herbal medicine has been used to protect heart disease, reduce the risks of diabetes and prevent gallstone.

The main nutrient or antioxidant in Buckwheat leave is rutin which helps make the capillaries stronger while improving the blood circulations.

The bioflavonoids in the herb are great for promoting collagen production. Collagen is very necessary amino acid responsible for youthful skin, thicker hair, joint health, and in this case the size and shape of your breasts.

Herbal Ingredients in Total Curve

Fennel Seed – The seeds have been used safely as the hormone balancing natural remedy. It has been used to treat PMS symptoms, minor menstrual irregularities, and hot flashes that come with menopause.

They have also been used to promote the better production of milk in breastfeeding mothers, hence its effectiveness in promoting breast tissue growth as well.

In Greek ancient medicine, the fennel seeds were used to treat several ailments ranging from gastroenteritis to hypertension.

Dong Quai Root – The female ginseng is well-known for its potency in promoting progesterone, which is an important hormone responsible for breast growth.

The root has been used in Chinese medicine for over thousands of year. It is known for its ability to promote better blood circulation, improve sex life, increase energy, and improving fertility.

Damiana Leaf – The plant has been famous for its sexual stimulant properties for both men and women for centuries. It is also great for relieving depression, stress, and anxiety while promoting a general balance of hormones.

Many studies have proven Damiana to be one of the herbs with highest properties to bind progesterone. This s great for milk production in breastfeeding mothers, while also ideal for those of us who want to grow more breast tissues.

Blessed Thistle – This herb has been used in traditional medicine in many countries all over the world to help relieve pain in menstrual cramps, or headaches, as well as the hot flashes experienced by menopausal women.

Similar to Damiana leaf, the Blessed thistle also increases production of milk in breastfeeding mothers, while helping to repair collagen damaged skin and loss of skin elasticity.

Hops – This herb helps promote lactation, improve female general health, and is a powerful natural phytoestrogen. It has a long history of healing and rejuvenating role in the traditional medicine.

It helps with digestive problems, treat tuberculosis and dysentery in the ancient Greek Roman medicinal history.


Watercress Leaves/Shoots – Known as a delicious vegetable, its health improving properties is one of the reasons why it is used in Total Curve pills.

The conditions that can be improved with regular consumption of Watercress are acne, anemia, asthma, and gout. It is a blood tonic and circulation booster which is why it is a good combination in the Total Curve pills.

Black Cohosh Root – The root is a powerful phytoestrogen producer. Many herbalists suggest its use in menopausal patients as it helps relieve symptoms of PMS, hot flashes, and cramps.

With that said, it is worth noting that the root is great at diminishing any problems associated with the lack of estrogen. Native Americans treat various illnesses like rheumatism, and arthritis, and fever with this root.

Other ingredients Total Curve pills contain; Wild yam, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, and Silicon Dioxide.

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The 2nd step of the Total Curve Program – Breast Firming Gel with Patented Volufiline™

Volufiline results

You can enjoy the firmer looking breasts with increased volume and softness of skin with the regular application of Total Curve Breast cream gel that comes with the purchase.

The vital cell-pumping action is what Volufiline™ has been certified to do to improve the volume of the breasts. The clinical studies and tests have shown significant growth by up to 8.4% within 60 days of continuous application.

How does Volufiline™ work exactly?

The patented technology called Volufiline™ is responsible for the growth in the breast fatty cells. It has been called the secret weapon for Total Curve system (trust me, I’ve looked around, there is no other system to my knowledge that hast this ingredient in the product.)

total Curve system from leading edge health

The compound called ‘sarsasapogenin’ in Volufiline™ stimulates the lipogenesis and the fatty cells in breasts so they become more volumized, and plumped.

You can expect this kind of result without the pain, the downtime, and the side effects that might come with the breast augmentation surgery.

 The 3rd step of the Total Curve Program – Exercise program

Breast exercise is another proven and effective way to enhance your breasts and lifting them up.

The youthful looking breasts can be achieved through the workout that targets the breast (pectoral) muscles beneath the breasts.

The workout will not create more breast tissues but rather perk up what you have and make them appear lifted, youthful, and bigger.


With these three steps in the Total Curve program, it is guaranteed that you will achieve for voluptuous and lifted breasts within weeks.

The 60-day money back guarantees as well as the FREE 1 month supply are the evidence of their confidence to back up their product.

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