Total Curve User Reviews And Testimonials

In the market of natural breast enhancement pills and creams, you can’t help but wonder which product works, and more importantly if they would work for you. Total Curve reviews on many websites online can offer information about the products. But in this post we will give you the full details of this system so you can make a well-informed buying decision at the end of this post!

Now that you’re here, you are about to find the truth behind the product; what the system contains, the results you can expect, how the system works, the results people have gotten, where to buy it at the best price with the guarantee.

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What is Total Curve? – Product Overview

Total Curve gel and pillsSimply put, it is a natural breast enhancement system developed to help you achieve fuller and firmer looking breasts without surgery. The product formulation has been scientifically tested to work safely and effectively. Guaranteed by users’ testimonials all over the world, this product has been part of many women’s success stories, and self-confidence booster, thanks to its top-notched 100% natural herbal ingredients.

This is a safe and cost-effective solution for those of us who are looking for the solutions to one’s concern in the appearance of one’s breasts without the costly and painful surgeries. This comes without the health risks and it has done wonders to many of women all over the world.

What is in the Total Curve System?

It is a two-step system designed for easy daily use for maximum results;

  • A Daily Supplement
  • Firming & Lifting Gel with Volufiline™

The combo is designed to allegedly help you achieve the desired results by working both internally and externally.

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How Does Total Curve Work?

Herbal Ingredients in Total CurveStep 1 – The supplement pills

Manufactured in a GMP certified lab, the supplement pills in the Total Curve system contain only the safest and standardized proven ingredients; blessed thistle, wild yam, Damiana, fennel seeds, just to name a few. This is not some knock-off supplement pills with random ingredients put together into capsules. This is a carefully-selected blend of phytoestrogen herbs that are proven to work.

The natural and safe phytoestrogens in the herbs that are contained in the supplement pills are what hold the keys to the success of your breast growth. Like young fertile women who develop full and uplifted breasts that are attractive to the opposite gender, the production of body’s female hormone called estrogens play the crucial role in that process.

That is what the phytoestrogens in the herbs are for; mimicking the body’s natural estrogen process to trick it into thinking it’s in puberty, ready to develop breast cells, and add water retention to the area for more plumped and uplifted appearance of the breasts.

Step 2 – Total Curve Firming Gel with Volufiline™Total-Curve-cream

Volufiline™ is a patented ingredient that has been proven to add volume to the applied area without the dangerous side effects or whatsoever.

Supposedly, the ingredient works by naturally increasing the fatty tissue in the breast area. To read the study on the ingredient, click here!

Volufiline results

Does Total Curve Work Really?

Does it work? Here’s the answer to your question; ‘Yes, it does work!’ But keep in mind the women who get to see the increase of the breast size up to 3 cups were using the system with discipline for 6 months continuously! That is one of the most important thing you will get from this review; consistency and patience will give you the desired results! No short cuts! No BS! Just take a look at the total curve before and after photos below…




Testimonial by Amy



This might not seem like much but this is actually a huge progress if you compare to having no boobs at all 6 months ago. I was a complete flat a cup-sized with zero confidence. Now I can fill in a B cup bras and sometimes they might even feel too small. To be honest this is quite an amazing feeling; to feel like a woman and being able to wear low-cut shirts feeling more sexy and feminine! I know this is something that all of us want. But now you can have the same results without having to go through the painful procedures!

Total Curve breast enhancement program is what I use during the 2nd 15 days of the cycle. I switch to taking Pueraria Mirifica the other 15 days. This is based on the Chiyomilk’s program which I learned from! This took me 6 months to go from totally flat breasts to the C Cups.


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To Sum Up

I hope that this Total Curve review can really give you the idea that you don’t need to rely on the expensive and painful plastic surgery to make your dream come true. It is not only possible to grow bigger breasts without surgery with the help of the program, it is also safe and affordable provided you take action and be consistent! I can say this with confidence because not only has it worked for many people around the world, it has worked for me!

Right now they offer the 60 day money back guarantee and some promotional discount on their official website. But that offer might not last forever, so it’s best you get started today!

Limited Time ONLY! Get Free Total Curve System By Entering Code ‘ADDTC’ With Your Purchase